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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 29,107 – Jun 27 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
Almost declare figure immediately STAT
Artist establishes gambling location on outskirts of Izmir RENOIR
Central fund gets involved in cut __ that’s really bright SUNLIT
Doctor added essence of phenol __ it got nowhere DEADEND
Embarrassed by horse going astray __ it’s a distraction REDHERRING
Everyone is on board to make major bet ALLIN
Excitement can be free after a trip? KICK
Feel a git when drifting? Find something meaningful to do GETALIFE
Gardening equipment, if lost, would be more concerning SCARIFIER
Geometric theory eccentric uncle maintains EUCLIDEAN
Happy working atmosphere ONAIR
Increasingly weird Labour leader going after family Kinkier
Individual entered theatre a long time ago STONEAGE
It’s OK for Americans to call out these two figures TENFOUR
One following second speaker STALKER
One recruited in spring to oversee servers HEADWAITER
Pair swapping academy for university is definitely on DOABLE
Peel initially rejected Irish nationalist demands RIND
PM fully extended dealing with dying cause POSTMORTEM
Sadly, great philosopher’s got no time for Russia’s neighbours ALASKANS
Series of notes Tudor emissary kept hidden DOREMI
Singular shape causes dispute about what it should be called SCONE
Spooner kept stuff from angry milliner MADHATTER
Spray creates a moister distribution ATOMISER
Supremo jittery, hiding display of feeling EMOJI
The rich live off these obese people from the country (3,3,2,3,4) THEFATOFTHELAND
Travelling men hove to at sea ONTHEMOVE
Visit old city that’s somewhat grim DOUR
What rude customer in diner may give and get SHORTORDER


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