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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 29,178 – Sep 18 2023 Crossword Solutions

Clues Answers
Accomplished lines about a comprehensive OVERALL
America’s holding of heaven-bound heavenly objects UFOS
Anniversary bash outside eastern entrance out of control TERCENTENARY
Brother gets over Dutch scam FRAUD
Career that’s stimulating SPEED
Choked elongated fish perished GARROTTED
Detailed description of small muscle SPEC
Drink that in Spanish means ‘island’ MARTINIQUE
Drumming sound coming from grass on a plot RATAPLAN
European football team abroad clear end by half-time anderlecht
Fair’s awkward situation: no parking LIGHT
Feel dizzy taking diamonds, say, for beachwear SWIMSUIT
Go grey, perhaps, after near death ENERGY
Guardian articles on Republican political group that heralds a storm? WEATHERFRONT
Implacable insensitive heartless sexual partner DEADLY
Loss, if York houses become fixed OSSIFY
Matches squeal when lit EQUALS
Newspaper ‘X’? TIMES
Ostentatious as kids in a puddle? SPLASHY
Performed turn on ends of rickety stool, being two-toed DIDACTYL
Settled on entering working party SQUARED
Significant base in Gulf conflict MEANINGFUL
Sought to circulate around river’s low points TROUGHS
State service MASS
Sticks up for superior SMUG
Symbolic 5 includes guitar riff FIGURATIVE
Umlaut scrawled over man’s name; accept it or else! ULTIMATUM
US state split by ex-monarch’s notary SCRIVENER
Versace, not busy, dropping round to see writer CERVANTES
Wrong time and time again — love rather strained FALSETTO


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