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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword November 25 2022 Answers

The Guardian Cryptic Crossword November 25 2022 Answers:

Perfect stories 6 letters JUSTSO
As a feather in bed is spoilt 8 letters BLIGHTED
African natives in oversize brassieres 6 letters ZEBRAS
One suffering endless torpor 8 letters IDLENESS
Food Napoleon and his entourage kept warm 14 letters
Conservative lists shed tears in preparation for a fresh start 10 letters CLEANSWEEP
Cheese turnover? Yes a new recipe for beginners 4 letters MADE
See 14 4 letters EASY
Try tender exotic trees but they won’t grow here 10 letters GOBIDESERT
They advise where to find pots and pans 14 letters
Song in a code to do with buzzers 8 letters APIARIAN
Repeated words of claimant rambling 6 letters MANTRA
Top dog say I for close observation 8 letters EAGLEEYE
Gave compensation in return a requirement for American 12s 6 letters REPAID
Before delta strain Covid ends snoring interrupts vaccination of players 4 letters JAZZ
Beneath tree that’s heavenly 7 letters SUBLIME
Penchant for the final act 8 letters SWANSONG
Riley’s life in Florence? 11 letters LADOLCEVITA
Cut energy usage said at first by them 6 letters GREENS
There’s a mother! 7 letters THERESA
He’d test us about protective cover 9 letters DUSTSHEET
Recent arrival in November disrupted Brown Abbey 11 letters
You’ve lost control pal 9 letters CHECKMATE
Intervene to protect Charlie’s treat 8 letters MEDICATE
What am I doing for the environment? 7 letters SETTING
Choose to back Mary at heart a complex woman 7 letters ELECTRA
Top up fee 6 letters CHARGE
See 1 4 letters BAND

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