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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword November 7 2022 Answers

The Guardian Cryptic Crossword November 7 2022 Answers:

These ridden miles — newspaper articles follow 6 letters MOPEDS
Opportunity for tax rebate is a present help 7 letters GIFTAID
Unwanted bones in meat dish 9 letters SPARERIBS
Award of supersized vehicle 5 letters OSCAR
Mali’s flourishing religion 5 letters ISLAM
Lazy don’t move around so much 9 letters SHIFTLESS
Pig went for coarse plant 7 letters HOGWEED
Grand woman’s name 6 letters GLADYS
Myrtle blossoms three times a year 6 letters TERMLY
Something studied under obligation 7 letters SUBJECT
From casual survey appear fat 9 letters LOOKROUND
Short tons swindle cargo boat 5 letters TRAMP
Proper to shield singular source of spectral effects 5 letters PRISM
Clearly superior cave about to collapse 9 letters ACUTABOVE
Struggle for breath death intervening for one hanging by the neck 7 letters PENDANT
Me and my dog 6 letters SETTER
Lionel with a piece of Handel — this one? 7 letters MESSIAH
Stone in fruit large 5 letters PEARL
An ideal group of rhymes 9 letters DREAMTEAM
Try strap for lifting bird 7 letters GOSLING
Refuse to obey loud yob 5 letters FLOUT
Original model of cheap tyre burst 9 letters ARCHETYPE
Pepys for one is said to be the worst 6 letters DIREST
Situated protecting one with one-sided views 6 letters BIASED
eg roaring out this chant 9 letters GREGORIAN
Judge irate brat needs correction 9 letters ARBITRATE
Warning not to leave 7 letters YOUWAIT
Chemical element if contracted could be not available 6 letters SODIUM
Fourth or fifth TV programme? 7 letters TOPGEAR
Friends suggested such a celebratory meal? 6 letters SLAPUP
Moves from Cuba 5 letters RUMBA
About female much is up in the air 5 letters ALOFT


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