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The Guardian – Quick crossword No 16,506 – Apr 1 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
Avoids responsibility and work SLACKS
Barbirolli or Toscanini? CONDUCTOR
Cause to feel indignation PIQUE
Company that transports commercial packages from A to B COURIER
Crab’s claw, say PINCER
Decorative ribbon or bow worn in the hair TOPKNOT
Deliberate fabrication LYING
Dirty and powdery DUSTY
Fanciful ornamentation in art and architecture originating in 18th-century France ROCOCO
Habituate INURE
In a penetrating way KEENLY
In New Zealand? DOWNUNDER
Inspection by a trained accountant AUDIT
Meat substitute QUORN
North Atlantic island ICELAND
Penny-pinching STINGY
Pre-1989 name for the capital of Myanmar RANGOON
Pungent fleshy edible root RADISH
Simmer with anger SEETHE
Spruce up SMARTEN
Underground burial chamber CRYPT
Viral disease COVID
Yellow sauce served on hot desserts CUSTARD


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