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The Guardian – Quick crossword No 16,581 – Jun 28 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
A source of energy GAS
American (anag) __ kept private INCAMERA
Aware of WISETO
Cabbage and spinach, say GREENS
Carry on without complaint? GRINANDBEARIT
Celebrated __ legendary FABLED
Challenge __ stand up to DEFY
Go off in search of prey PROWL
Go off topic DIGRESS
Head covering? HAIR
Heavy weight (in the washing machine?) LOAD
Hide in a safe place TUCKAWAY
Incredible tale! TALLSTORY
Lancer stabbed (anag) __ using two ways to be sure of getting there BELTANDBRACES
Leaving nothing to the imagination EXPLICIT
Liquid waste URINE
Longing DESIRE
Main (man or lady?) LEADING
Make colder CHILL
Pinnacle APEX
Poetically lamenting something past ELEGIAC
Source of illumination LIGHTBULB
Unappreciative individual INGRATE
Underground network for plants ROOTS
Walks wearily TRAIPSES
Wander, looking for a good time GAD


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