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The Guardian Quick Crossword November 25 2022 Answers

The Guardian Quick Crossword November 25 2022 Answers:

Those made (anag) — a place to live 9 letters HOMESTEAD
Just right 5 letters IDEAL
Bullfighting capital of Spain 7 letters SEVILLE
Beaten by a country mile 8 letters THRASHED
Against 4 letters ANTI
Native Mexican relative of the daisy 6 letters DAHLIA
Chinese system of slow meditative physical exercise 6 letters TAICHI
Jerk 4 letters YANK
Affability 8 letters BONHOMIE
Fauna 7 letters ANIMALS
Trainee doctor (informal) 5 letters MEDIC
Like chips? 9 letters DEEPFRIED
Describing treatment of whole person 8 letters HOLISTIC
Old infantry muzzle-loading gun 6 letters MUSKET
Except for 4 letters SAVE
One of a series of films such as Kind Hearts and Coronets and The Lavender Hill Mob 12 letters
Reasonable care taken to avoid harm to others 12 letters
It marks another year gone 12 letters
Yahoo say 12 letters
Got to the bottom of 8 letters FATHOMED
How to grow dwarfed trees amd shrubs in pots 6 letters BONSAI
Little beast 4 letters CALF

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