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The Guardian Quick Crossword November 7 2022 Answers

The Guardian Quick Crossword November 7 2022 Answers:

Suggested scheme or plan of action 11 letters PROPOSITION
Children’s card game 4 letters SNAP
Prone 8 letters FACEDOWN
Spend it (anag) 7 letters STIPEND
Pass out 5 letters FAINT
Kind of fund used for illicit purposes? 5 letters SLUSH
Thief (rhyming slang) 7 letters TEALEAF
City near the Dead Sea destroyed by God for its inhabitants’ depravity 8 letters GOMORRAH
Strong piece of eg wood or metal used in construction 4 letters BEAM
US actor comedian and musician star of The Jerk (1979) 11 letters STEVEMARTIN
Renovate 4 letters DOUP
Scientists (informal) 7 letters BOFFINS
Sibling’s daughter 5 letters NIECE
Happening that brings good fortune 8 letters WINDFALL
Strictly attentive to detail 11 letters PUNCTILIOUS
Sometimes 11 letters
Jewish spring festival 8 letters PASSOVER
Adhered (anag) 7 letters REDHEAD
Sign of the zodiac 5 letters ARIES
Roman spa — Somerset city 4 letters BATH


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