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The Guardian Quick Crossword November 8 2022 Answers

The Guardian Quick Crossword November 8 2022 Answers:

Henceforth 9 letters FROMNOWON
Lion’s share 4 letters MOST
Former squeeze? 8 letters OLDFLAME
Morning meal 6 letters BRUNCH
Fred’s dancing partner? 6 letters GINGER
Old European currency equal to 100 centimos 6 letters PESETA
Freud’s sexual urge 6 letters LIBIDO
1982 Aretha Franklin album — put to Jim (anag) 8 letters JUMPTOIT
Camera part 4 letters LENS
Someone like Scrooge? 9 letters SKINFLINT
Heavy cotton patterned fabric used in upholstery 8 letters CRETONNE
Without hiccups 6 letters SMOOTH
Frankfurter in a bun 6 letters HOTDOG
Young horse 4 letters FOAL
Polite 9 letters COURTEOUS
About to happen 9 letters IMPENDING
Taking small bites 8 letters NIBBLING
Exist in large quantities 6 letters ABOUND
Small 6 letters LITTLE
Freshwater food fish 4 letters PIKE


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