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The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 1,244 – Sep 18 2023 Crossword Solutions

Clues Answers
… a biscuit red head produced GINGERNUT
Abandoned pipe not mine OPENPIT
Alternative theatre is most indecent EARTHIEST
Authoritative ruling from soccer body that wants active leaders FATWA
Beat chap — it’s not the main issue TANGENT
Become defensive when told to start eating … DIGIN
Conviction for injecting double energy into high explosive TENET
Country road ran randomly ANDORRA
Criticise extremely idiotic hysteria PANIC
Cutting head of weed off when growing AXING
Division in band that’s getting older GROWINGUP
Dog at sea enabled Darwin to develop his evolutionary theory THEBEAGLE
Dried rose cooked as an addition to main course SIDEORDER
Drop back to keep seat warm? LAGBEHIND
Embittered expert judged to have stolen book ACERBATED
Exercise expected to captivate eager teacher PEDAGOGUE
Finished following fine trip ALLOVER
Guide for riverside in Italy POINTER
Historical centre of holy study OLDEN
Irate chum suffering with stiff joints RHEUMATIC
Nomads use trails central for these tribes people MASAI
Occasionally stern solicitor dispatched SENTOUT
Odds, oddly, may be this! EVENS
Oxford museum compiled article on tree growth ASHMOLEAN
Player needing second income source when promise broken SEMIPRO
Popular oath can be impossible to say INEFFABLE
Proper worker, a man indispensable to the boss RIGHTHAND
Pursue game that’s hiding quietly DOGGO
Small border plant SEDGE
Specialist language used to describe advance in painting? ARGOT
Upsetting part of sermon evoked rancour VENOM
Win support for essential truth from small part of England RUTLAND


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