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The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 1,245 – Sep 25 2023 Crossword Solutions

The Guardian – Quick crossword No 16,657 – Sep 25 2023

Clues Answers
Arctic POLAR
Bearing NORTH
Cut — meat CHOP
Dessert AFTERS
Druggie USER
Essential qualities NATURES
Food delivery service MEALSONWHEELS
Geniality BONHOMIE
Hole in the wall CASHDISPENSER
Immeasurably small ATOMIC
Ladder RUN
Clues Answers
Line showing high water level TIDEMARK
Look for SEEK
Low order batsman sent in when a wicket falls near the end of the day’s play NIGHTWATCHMAN
New word — ie Mongols (anag) NEOLOGISM
Old English measure of length for textiles ELL
Poison, As ARSENIC
Source of cod? FISHSHOP
The Dog Star, part of Canis Major SIRIUS
Underarm toiletry DEODORANT
Unpleasant correspondence HATEMAIL
Winner’s colour? GOLD


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