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The Guardian – Speedy crossword No 1,446 – Jun 25 2023 Crossword

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Basin for washing the nether regions BIDET
Behaving like a hooligan YOBBISH
Bitter alkaloid in drinks which has a stimulant effect CAFFEINE
Bribe paid to ensure silence HUSHMONEY
Brutish creature invented by Jonathan Swift YAHOO
Crafty WILY
Cut – bargain SNIP
Impudence LIP
Insectivorous bird – fool down under DRONGO
Italian, Nobel-winning physicist, d. 1954 FERMI
Kind of jazz harking back to its New Orleans origins TRAD
Means to propel a boat OAR
Muslim ascetic known for frenzied dancing DERVISH
Natural light and heat SUNSHINE
Opposite of ‘down’? ACROSS
Premier League club WESTHAMUNITED
Seat of government in Holland THEHAGUE
Serious fall from grace MORTALSIN
Ski lift TBAR
Smart alec – mafioso WISEGUY
Smiled smugly SMIRKED
Soviet prison camp GULAG
That’s wonderful! YIPPEE


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