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The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 638 – Apr 1 2023 Crossword

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1 __, the capital of 9 LAKECITY
1995 movie starring Nicole Kidman TODIEFOR
21 control agreements (I and II) between the US and the Soviet Union SALT
A fish – or wheeled footwear? SKATE
Azeem __, cricketer who exposed racism at Yorkshire CCC RAFIQ
Band formed by the union of Busted and McFly MCBUSTED
Bettany __, historian and television presenter HUGHES
Canadian city which gave its name to a treaty banning anti-personnel mines in 1997 OTTAWA
Celestial body protected from militarisation by a 1967 treaty MOON
Family who took control of Manchester United in 2005 GLAZER
Frequent but unknown attendee at meetings? ANOTHER
Harry S __, US president TRUMAN
James Joyce’s modernist masterpiece ULYSSES
King of the Fairies in A Midsummer Night’s Dream OBERON
Mammal from which ermine is harvested STOAT
Name given to the framework governing trade between the UK, the EU and Northern Ireland WINDSOR
Planet whose rings fascinated W G Sebald? SATURN
Rachel __, shadow chancellor of the exchequer REEVES
Sarina _, Fifa women’s coach of the year WIEGMAN
See 21 Across TRADE
Swiss city which gave its name to conventions governing human rights law GENEVA
US state bordered by Idaho and Arizona UTAH
__ Mitchell, EastEnders character played by Samantha Womack VERONICA
__ Treaty, limiting trade in conventional weapons since 2014 ARMS


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