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The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 650 – Jun 24 2023 Crossword

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Archaic form of local taxation SCOT
Barbara __, co-producer of the Bond film franchise BROCCOLI
Blake’s much quoted image of what destroyed England’s 7/10 land? DARK
Britpop band currently enjoying a revival BLUR
City in Texas; a homophone of one in Ukraine ODESSA
Clement __, Britain’s prime minister 1945-1951 ATTLEE
Composer who set Blake’s Jerusalem to music in 1916 HUBERT
Country bordered by Pakistan and Armenia IRAN
East __, South Lanarkshire town KILBRIDE
Ebony __-Brent, cricket commentator and former player RAINFORD
Eric __, member of Monty Python IDLE
From what Blake would not cease in building Jerusalem in England’s 7/10 MENTAL
How Blake’s Jerusalem described England’s land? GREENAND
Jan __, Dutch painter whose works include The Arnolfini Portrait in the National Gallery VANEYCK
London district to which Rupert Murdoch moved his newspapers in 1986 WAPPING
Publisher of the official Scrabble wordlist COLLINS
Scottish lake west of Crieff LOCHEARN
See 16 Down PARRY
See 2 Down FIGHT
See 8 Across MILLS
Venomous snake found in much of Europe and Asia ADDER
William Howard __, US president 1909-1913 TAFT


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