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The Independent Answers July 08, 2024


Drink to mark change Liberal left brought in TOMCOLLINS
Stick close to flatmate in block BEAR
Are they safe places in rows? BANKS
Conscious about maiden showing refined feelings SENTIMENT
Abuse whisky — consume without restraint initially MALTREAT
Something from garden the 7 heard THYME
Nuts and bolts from docks? DETAILS
High priest having power over words PONTIFF
Lunch box in house on isle — serve retrospectively? MANHOOD
More important kitchen utensil would you say? GREATER
Covert mercenary in position in Jamaica NINJA
Friend to Cassady drinks with Austrian composer GINSBERG
There’s a cuckoo circling high to find flower EUPHRATES
Enjoy view in common — area with endless grassy plot AGREE
Old man abandoning Spanish dish for this woman ELLA
Outline view by American PROSPECTUS


Bottle-opener dropped into miniature beer mug? TOBY
Servant that developed a new cocktail MANHATTAN
21D working hard ONSET
Takes advice when sacrificing first two in combat LISTENS
Dustmen at last on street work uninterrupted NONSTOP
Nut the writer upended — unknown foe ENEMY
Scientist’s that woman cross with dull routine RUTHERFORD
Reserve German is stopping ball DISTANCE
A bloke inside evaded criminal people in 21D ADAMANDEVE
Adoration where one’s almost fresh found among fish IDOLATRY
Make clear in Bury animal loved crossing river INTERPRET
Sirius Black material seen after Harry finally appears? DOGSTAR
Rock band succeeded after seeing changes GENESIS
Cassady for one embracing power in mountainous land NEPAL
Happen to seize young man in vampire movie BLADE
Catty remarks in converted stables? MEWS


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