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The Independent Crossword Answers November 02, 2022


Afraid no air’s circulating in homePARANOID
Old relative’s ignoring large catsOUNCES
Letters picked up with a permitVISA
Area covered by remarkably energetic family memberGREATNIECE
Fellow traveller on vacation in front of a sacred textMANTRA
Orders Dutch artist to pursue damagesMARSHALS
Where a piglet may be taken to get warmTOASTY
Aristotle finally caught in this moral frameworkETHICS
Ceremonial guard releasing female birdBEEEATER
Bottom two numbersNETHER
Muse about Italian following mother countryMAURITANIA
Blunt end of skewer stuck into piece of meatCURT
Divorce wife ultimately finds difficultSEVERE
Drifting, veteran explorer’s beginning to weakenENERVATE


Chicken, perhaps rearing a layerLAMINA
Tennis champion almost gets nothingNADA
Paignton turned out to be patheticPOIGNANT
Go off fish served up for cookDOCTOR
Stunt with tattered shirt, one that Jesus may oppose?ANTICHRIST
Strongman – he’s smuggling riches from the southHERCULES
Read about Moriarty, void of imaginationDREAMY
Has a go at drinking a beer, developed as a source of wintergreenTEABERRIES
Young man brewing green teaTEENAGER
Time left for supporting cast to discover Arthurian siteTINTAGEL
Good-for-nothing fruit farmGRANGE
Eastender’s hat refurbishment takes time, on reflectionTITFER
I’m not sure a sailor lies about mistakesERRATA
Wine in Bordeaux, it’s OKCAVA


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