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The Independent Crossword Answers November 22, 2022


Out to break end off instrument in about the perfect place UTOPIAN
Difficult puzzle is almost excessively huge one to crack TOUGHIE
Wild flower we planted in wild garden mostly RAGWEED
Send essentially nice surprise and pray ENTREAT
Go round with a rotter WHEEL
Garden pest’s not left mysterious tropical grass SUGARCANE
Father’s time perhaps? PAST
Absolute silence in tree ASH
Copies recordings except for intro APES
City invested in parking and recycled energy and walkway PROMENADE
This woman will throw explosive missile SHELL
Lozenge medic’s taken in working hours RHOMBUS
Within the French garret, a grille LATTICE
Lecturer’s passive principle – strong liquor and staying abed LYINGIN
Second eleven go down? SUBSIDE


Hair’s orderly 3s and grooves FURROWS
Such as Esperanto is partly built on guesswork TONGUE
Cloth cut to reinforce the interior LINE
A paean’s positive points ANODES
Force German into Midlands river in quiet surroundings STRENGTH
Courts that shot murderers CUTTHROATS
Holes in knots? Hole in one? One in holes perhaps SHOELACE
Plume of my aunt perhaps following exploit FEATHER
Collection of puppies maybe annoys rubbishy people LITTERBUGS
A sport (golf) – one amateur’s justification APOLOGIA
Cross to miss a Christmas carol gathering AMASSING
Twists and turns for Soprano and the Italian with tears SPIRALS
Record holders almost slaughtered some days before SLEEVES
Join up and pay attention when cycling? ENLIST
Evoke the hidden parts of Kendal, say? ELICIT
Underground food store of plant is reduced TUBE

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