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The Independent Crossword April 01, 2023


Rib principally toughens the thorax, reportedly? Enter as per fill at 1 Across, with alternate letters filling white squares TEASE
Support in the library to reserve hotel in person BOOKSHELF
Annoyed as new water heater, failing to start, died NETTLED
Dummy swallowed plant with bad smell PLACEBO
See God’s city for, unfortunately, the lowest of the low DREGSOFSOCIETY
Top Cambridge mathematician abandoning arithmetic, perhaps at the first opportunity, for calculator? WANGLER
Starts to notice habitual halitosis, having, in elemental form, gas AMMONIA
Container prone to leaking – ridiculously wet, total bother HOTWATERBOTTLE
See 5 Down ENDLESS
See e.g. gents pursuing sex and the Bible in retreat VATICAN
Walk briskly, then run from Tea Party participant MARCHHARE
Island occasionally banned nature study in central location NAURU


Now, on date to be taken for a ride, where are you? If you have not done so already, enter as per fill at 1 Across, with alternate letters filling white squares ATONEDOWN
In Japan, the only circular temple PANTHEON
Earldoms? Do not present incorrectly as provinces REALMS
I make an offer in the same place IBID
See 25 Across ENDLESS
One revered before the first year of Our Lord, I’m thinking, in the Colosseum? STADIUM
Upright judge replaced by king in purge ERECT
25 Across, 5 Down turned up after following string along FOOL
Original day of 1 Across to 6 Across others FIRST
Broadcasting acceptable song ONAIR
Catholic state supported by us in Paris, like Notre Dame CAVERNOUS
Cloth we fabricated using traditional methods LOWTECH
1 Across? I don’t know … NOTACLUE
Command and control ORDER
Making a face, head away for trip OUTING
Smile awkwardly, maybe losing heart BEAM
Mock debut of Stallone, a terrible actor SHAM
See 6 Across directions VIEW


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