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The Independent Crossword July 06, 2024


Receiving signal, criminal stamped in frustration DISAPPOINTMENT
Dance arranged at school with zero publicity PROMO
Biplane got the rim tangled TIGERMOTH
Four aliens returned without a word TETEATETE
Best replacement name, right? STARR
Team removing lead supporter by choice IDEALLY
Australian prime minister’s backed out ASLEEP
Less prudent breakfast option RASHER
Artist probing yellowish-brown and dark brown CARAMEL
Kind of Rugby League UNION
North Leeds transformed by Stallone forever ENDLESSLY
Perfume covering lake, breaking Parisian agreement PATCHOULI
Capital of Ghana losing exterior bits HANOI
Dog in manger confused steer GERMANSHEPHERD


Second job keeping record DEPUTY
Seen with acne SPOTTED
Spread support with semiprecious stone PROPAGATE
Just toting unusual heft spontaneously ONTHEFLY
Arm going up to win gold NUGGET
No longer ready for German philosopher to be announced MARKS
Bright colour worried baby NEONATE
Style of music unknown in support of The Cure? THERAPY
Exotic vehicle happening to follow special ones SPACESHIP
Happiness of one in top hotel TRIUMPH
Polish overheard that submarine, say SANDWICH
Sweet pin SKITTLE
Delicatessen ceases stocking spirit ESSENCE
Small horse nearly getting shiner SEQUIN
Farm worker, lacking aid, raised millions? MYRIAD
Drone carrying an upturned book NAHUM


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