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The Independent Crossword July 07, 2024


Old fart in Blur seen with Rear of the Year FOGEY
Forum contributor drinking port is an arse POSTERIOR
Openly gay don pinching contrary soldier’s sweaters? OUTERWEAR
A large member can create apprehension ALARM
Chat up American in drag at work HITON
I tug lout’s pants in fight for supremacy SLUGITOUT
Rubbish bit of drugs … just said no? REFUSED
Star that’s hit Tanner? SUNLAMP
365 days with knight essentially seems scarily longer! YEARNER
V&A worker grabbing Greek’s bum VAGRANT
Cook trims duck and piece of chicken DRUMSTICK
City pub importing drop of Maltese spirit NYMPH
Resort in which you’ll find English relative NIECE
It’s seen in drunken brainiacs EINSTEINS
Uni crowds welcoming independent moderates MITIGATES
Some foul, at intervals, language LATIN


Fellow criminal hoary and old as Hoskins? FOOLHARDY
German drug rubbish? Bother! GETAT
Those providing cover for some privates? YFRONTS
Contract to appear in Palladium tickled Pink PLEASED
Jets circling seventh of offshore wind generators? SPROUTS
Family member removing top in high spirits ELATION
It messes around with a man or a lover INAMORATA
Gas constant? Age going up? Relax! REMIT
Dead fast to skirt round unionist emitting gas FLATULENT
Getting high? Spice hit at noon helps! PITCHESIN
Rhino saved for the next generation? NESTEGG
Old clothes split without intention RAIMENT
Six royals and two Norsemen? VIKINGS
Guy with gangster stealing one of the crown jewels? GENITAL
Dunces primarily sent up Hoskins’s often blue material? DENIM
Oscar-winning film is a bit wet MOIST


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