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The Independent Crossword March 30, 2023


Good opening song for Broadway show CAROUSEL
On date with a hairy pig ABOARD
Moralist has bagels regularly before work AESOP
Answer number one bags mark for successful candidate APPOINTEE
Part of tortoise arguably shell-like EAR
Very enjoyable sandwich tasting, sharing one left ROLLICKING
Derby traders perhaps smell cool pies after power cut BOOKIES
Beauty exposed ugly affair GLAMOUR
Metalworker putting gold in fruit recipe LORIMER
Strange cycling, stones giving bumpy ride DODGEMS
Heavy furniture silly men drop again, just missing me GRANDPIANO
Stop time with it HOT
Figure drip in gallery is experimental TENTATIVE
Consult on Iceland bagging pepper up TONIC
Extra repeated line when exiting BYEBYE
Scratching Costner’s back, Rene Russo treated psychological problems NEUROSES


What Frasier must pay for a geranium? CRANESBILL
Tank on banks of Seine river to see in Paris RESERVOIR
Turmoil for Putin, a man rarely wrong politically UNPARLIAMENTARY
Old England manager has lost five licences ENABLES
Helpful person’s reorganised random sailor’s property BRICKSANDMORTAR
Respond to current fashion ACTON
Fight expected close to school DUEL
Short run then good jump SPRING
Fundaments with piles under underwear BRASSTACKS
Development of horns gave beetles … OVERHANGS
… a rearing appearance, an improvement REPAIR
US marksman’s bang I heard DEADEYE
Get up around noon to wash RINSE
Impale vampires as they sleep? STAB


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