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The Independent Crossword March 31, 2023


Surprise to get uncapped wine HOCK
Theatre-worker’s hour after time moving into position STAGEHAND
In favour of turning in coalmine dividend PRO
Devours tuna melts, keen to try something unusual? ADVENTUROUS
Crudely insolent about article regarding stress TENSIONAL
Excessive documentation returned, leading to more of the same DITTO
Bread from birdhouse Mark’s brought into lounge COTTAGELOAF
See 16 PAN
Develop move in cinematography PAN
Unveils most of model after recasting statue VENUSDEMILO
German holding on? He’s not holding on GONER
The official or executive finally delivering in that case THEREFORE
Leaders of troops filling suitable job APPOINTMENT
See 8 PRO
Fabulous support given to finish a railway LEGENDARY
Source of fibres, fine and loose FLAX


That guy’s hopeless, ignoring article about the liver HEPATIC
Be jubilant over new expensive headgear CROWN
It’s no great age: still time to get noticed externally SEVENTEEN
Cancel regular publication, missing one source of argument … ANNUL
… English pound provided that, free to vary, not vacantly showing identical variability EQUIDIFFERENT
Air of trio playing – more sound? AFORTIORI
Misrepresent a lot of party upset over legal wrong DISTORT
Start to develop interpretation after a lot of brute criticism ANIMADVERSION
Quantity of beer popular with doctor, say? It sets the tone TUNINGPEG
Commotion, with lecturer interrupting worried boy rudely OBSCENELY
Style of hair that’s something difficult to achieve with dog PIGTAIL
Ask too much of public – a sign of error OVERTAX
Fish – trawler disposing of contents into the drink TETRA
Not wanting to eat anything? Not quite – tripe etc will suffice OFFAL


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