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The Independents Concise Crossword January 20 2023 Answers

The Independents Concise Crossword January 20 2023 Answers:

Former Chinese ‘Chairman’ 3 letters MAO
Strip of leather 5 letters STRAP
Help 6 letters ASSIST
Dais 6 letters PODIUM
Relevant 8 letters MATERIAL
Masticate 4 letters CHEW
Unkempt 11 letters DISHEVELLED
Region 4 letters AREA
Light bulb wire 8 letters FILAMENT
Molluscs 6 letters SNAILS
Group of six 6 letters SEXTET
Sordid 5 letters SEAMY
Play on words 3 letters PUN
Pungent paste 7 letters MUSTARD
Pending 5 letters ONICE
Flower part 5 letters SEPAL
Thoroughgoing 7 letters RADICAL
Large feather 5 letters PLUME
Form of industrial action 6 letters STRIKE
Staying power 7 letters STAMINA
Sign up 6 letters ENLIST
Underground cell 7 letters DUNGEON
Mysterious symbols 5 letters RUNES
Confused situation 5 letters MIXUP


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