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The Independents Cryptic Crossword January 18 2023 Answers

The Independents Cryptic Crossword January 18 2023 Answers:

Chat show’s opening minute promising much – but will never deliver 9 letters SMALLTALK
Teachers’ cane 5 letters STAFF
No hiding space over introduction to star signs 5 letters OMENS
Cut working wage to cover father’s gift 9 letters PATRIMONY
Sad sheriffs suggest releasing Western 10 letters LAMENTABLE
Turning heads in fifth form including teacher’s pet 4 letters TIFF
Inclined to appropriate action – hung around with Spooner’s relation 14 letters LIGHT FINGERED
Increase level for audience 5 letters RAISE
Copper succeeded stopping break out – turning back one who’s 16/15 8 letters CUTPURSE
Occasionally they upset build up 4 letters HYPE
Short Disney film about period princess using sound and vision? 10 letters MULTIMEDIA
Informed where to go quietly 9 letters INTHELOOP
Tramp making a name for fashion 5 letters TREND
South Africa’s starters told to get try 5 letters ESSAY
Something used to fence around base – estate’s boundaries handling variable wind offshore 9 letters SEABREEZE
Call secretary about old primate 7 letters APE MAN
City’s unusually long leases 10 letters LOSANGELES
Somehow R2D2 showed up 8 letters APPEARED
Quiet son becoming king – one should let off steam 6 letters KETTLE
Hide second family 4 letters SKIN
Hugely enjoying a party circuit 7 letters ADORING
Go mad using only characters onboard ship – shall then do Fyffes bananas 15 letters FLYOFFTHEHANDLE
C3PO satisfied TV show’s gauge of audience approval 10 letters CLAPOMETER
Partially backing bonsai pot business – it gives urban sorts a taste of country life 8 letters SUBTOPIA
Found swapping Sierra and parking – I’m on drive 7 letters IMPETUS
Wine spot creates problem for photo 7 letters RED EYE
Endless trouble accommodating 100 beds 6 letters FUTONS
Terribly discontented vandalise railway 4 letters VERY


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