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The Independents Cryptic Crossword January 19 2023 Answers

The Independents Cryptic Crossword January 19 2023 Answers:

Butch Cassidy’s opening hotel with despot coming round 5 letters MACHO
Downtrodden like Labour in the early 80s? 9 letters UNDERFOOT
It involves seizing control of car touring Germany? Rubbish! 9 letters COUPDETAT
Five nil? Supporter begins to give a cheer 5 letters BRAVO
Elvis’s problems penning extremely dreary verses 15 letters IDYLLSOFTHEKING
Recital of Frost’s poetry 5 letters RHYME
Cash from working aboard boat heading west 5 letters KRONA
Clap artist with pipes performing ‘Signed Sealed Delivered’? 15 letters PASTPARTICIPLES
Easy to 14 unusual name ultimately 5 letters NAIVE
Cruise say I’ve arranged through part of Herzegovina 9 letters MOVIESTAR
Asian pianist jazzily incorporating covers of alt-rock 9 letters PAKISTANI
Unsuitable confession from person who nods off before time 5 letters INAPT
Greyish old French bread? Recipe’s included 4 letters ECRU
Zorro’s skill not primarily what cruciverbalists enjoy? 8 letters WORDPLAY
Gold Conservative figure deposited in bank – he has lots to dispose of 10 letters AUCTIONEER
Polish area of Shoreditch 4 letters EDIT
A mob wanting book showing cultivation 6 letters ARABLE
Group about to invest funds as the finishing touch 10 letters TOCAPITALL
Host inviting in posh clan to participate 6 letters MUCKIN
Still in hot pants? How distasteful! 6 letters THOUGH
Policemen with special signs of approval for standards 10 letters YARDSTICKS
Show disrespect to area covered by e.g. Bordeaux after visit 10 letters TAKEINVAIN
We hear it’s a spinach-guzzler’s beloved foodstuff 8 letters OLIVEOIL
Old lovers’ agreement ignores right to speak honestly 6 letters OPENUP
Wit needing fizzy drink to raise energy 6 letters ESPRIT
Introduction of people’s charter getting polite acceptance 6 letters PLEASE
Actor bowled over receiving women’s theatrical kiss 4 letters MWAH
Source of water around river mouth 4 letters TRAP


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