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The Independents Cryptic Crossword January 20 2023 Answers

The Independents Cryptic Crossword January 20 2023 Answers:

Very good hole for a bird 5 letters PIPIT
Exotic place for recreation in this spot outside church 9 letters RECHERCHE
British explorer heading river expedition 9 letters COOKSTOUR
Special covering for wheat 5 letters SPELT
Satisfy Faraday with difficulty 4 letters FILL
Established Church toured by mad American tourist may have had one 10 letters CINECAMERA
Working to interrupt broadcast of recent material 8 letters CRETONNE
Acknowledge Government speech with a degree of fury 5 letters GRANT
Booze swallowed in pints knocked back? Fail to follow suit 5 letters TRUMP
Uncommonly pleased to welcome international stars 8 letters PLEIADES
Narcotic? Ring pop star offering tip off 10 letters BELLADONNA
Limitation to macabre English writer 4 letters MORE
Send away half of soccer team besetting full soccer team 5 letters EXILE
Gold-medallist popular around Australia – in the Melbourne region? 9 letters VICTORIAN
Peculiar new variety of tuna found in river 9 letters UNNATURAL
Material the writer’s initially deemed regressive 5 letters DENIM
Rising literary genre not initially better regarding absence of violence? 7 letters PACIFIC
Sneak line into place 5 letters PROWL
In climbing rocks a tough assignment 4 letters TASK
Entire battles involving soldiers to point in a new direction 8 letters REORIENT
One concerned about tense haulage worker 6 letters CARTER
Saxon kingdom against ale brewing 10 letters EASTANGLIA
Start to conserve part of Somerset and part of North Yorkshire 9 letters CLEVELAND
Competitor: board dismissing one before start of tournament 7 letters ENTRANT
Mostly obey expert on biblical literature being satisfied 10 letters COMPLACENT
A couple of lines that could have you squealing 9 letters EQUALSIGN
Regarding hospital: call in being unhappy about chill? Not entirely 8 letters CLINICAL
Cross about competent picture 7 letters TABLEAU
Quantity of money securing seabird bone 7 letters STERNUM
Household device to float given extra oxygen 6 letters HOOVER
Legendary hunter getting over taking out US soldier in the beginning 5 letters ORION
Cross English city forgetting old times 4 letters FORD


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