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The Independents Cryptic Crossword November 15 2022 Answers

The Independents Cryptic Crossword November 15 2022 Answers:

Art gallery say without works ultimately 4 letters TATE
Half-heartedly drug one in the House of Lords? 5 letters NOBLE
Winding river with grand defence against storms? 4 letters MACK
Dance teacher pirouettes after second piece from Ravel 6 letters MORRIS
Furrier jacket of nankeen that downhiller picks up 7 letters SKINNER
They successfully market wine stores on the radio 7 letters SELLERS
After taking top off for fellow pour water on tongue 6 letters FRENCH
Old officials concerning the First Lady and son 6 letters REEVES
Engineers heading to level on city uranium plant 6 letters LAUREL
Some fellow is dominating accumulated knowledge 6 letters WISDOM
European competitors touring north London borough 7 letters ENFIELD
Former PM’s perverted romance 7 letters CAMERON
Pedestrian speaker makes head go woozy primarily 6 letters WALKER
Hoskins had undersized member? That’s unfounded! 4 letters IDLE
A couple of lines with earl by Northern Irish lake 5 letters ALLEN
One might make hot tea with company over (pekoe essentially) 4 letters COOK
Put up with being undressed for an audience 4 letters BEAR
Choppers blowing about hen and grass 8 letters GNASHERS
Represent female charged with fib in conviction 6 letters BELIEF
Sign old Hoskins will get caned essentially 4 letters OMEN
Male cat getting between a son’s building blocks? 5 letters ATOMS
Most lewd bishop with a group will pinch boss’s rear 6 letters BASEST
Conservative opens my beer in a rounded vessel 7 letters CORACLE
Flipping Dickens enjoyed existence to the maximum 5 letters LIVED
Musical composition in film posh editor sent up 5 letters ETUDE
Proved beyond doubt niece with VD must get treatment 7 letters EVINCED
Communist victory after invasion of port on Gulf 8 letters LEFTWING
Veggie turned up around middle of Ronnie Barker’s house 6 letters KENNEL
Deadly light artillery piece cut down lancer at front 6 letters MORTAL
In two different ways choke chap from Spain? 5 letters DIEGO
Police force surrounding drug rendezvous 4 letters MEET
Want a bit of cocaine snorted by bloke on occasion 4 letters LACK


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