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The Independents Cryptic Crossword November 16 2022 Answers

The Independents Cryptic Crossword November 16 2022 Answers:

Mockery made of exposed Tsar with flag 6 letters SATIRE
I nearly forgot alternate parts of early Mass hymns 6 letters PSALMS
Simply quitting band recording needless routine 7 letters REDTAPE
Guy may be put atop this tree in Book One 7 letters BONFIRE
Tiny egg blini cooked by the Parisian 10 letters NEGLIGIBLE
Brand-new CIA finally following satellite state 4 letters IOWA
Supporter integrating with UK garment 5 letters BURKA
Rabble-rousing society linked to publication 8 letters SEDITION
Servant sick of cat: dog briefly brought back 8 letters FACTOTUM
6’s runs that are more like jogs 5 letters TROTS
Bad fiddler embedded in revolutionary Florence 4 letters NERO
Father assuming everyone is most self-righteous 10 letters PREACHIEST
These are carved into 10 parts of head 7 letters TEMPLES
Wi-Fi dropping 50% by prison yard in particular 7 letters FINICKY
March hares essentially overcome by swirling tides 6 letters STRIDE
10 ultimately repeated is what Boris excelled at 6 letters TENNIS
Material had some influence on broadcast 5 letters SUEDE
So-called ‘bird’ initially uncle labelled as ‘reptile’ 7 letters TITULAR
Horrid canine caged by horrid tanner 9 letters REPUGNANT
One who might walk down the aisle in plain clothes 15 letters STORE DETECTIVE
Red amphibian included in tally 7 letters LEFTIST
Bottles from jackets of Wandsworth guards? 9 letters SCREWTOPS
Maltreatment involving one doctor on large historic site 9 letters ABUSIMBEL
New balls seem squeaky clean 9 letters BLAMELESS
Written-up account covers back of gung-ho soldier 7 letters TROOPER
Estimation primarily of (22/7n + 10n) 7 letters OPINION
Principal gives support to parking appeal 5 letters PLEAD
Adherents raised quiet offspring lacking depth 5 letters SIKHS


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