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The Independents Cryptic Crossword November 6 2022 Answers

The Independents Cryptic Crossword November 6 2022 Answers:

Gere gets wild with horny beast 9 letters GREYHERON
Conservative whip in conflict 5 letters CLASH
Naked folk tarts in US massaged 9 letters NATURISTS
How I get milk’s not appropriate 5 letters INAPT
Arse stealing Queen track 5 letters TRAIL
Diamonds left with that girl from Bow for a European 9 letters ICELANDER
State censor imprisoned by Trotsky? 7 letters LEBANON
Complaint tabloid had time to overturn 7 letters TETANUS
A southern pro with E is a goddess! 7 letters ASTARTE
Bloody chap’s a cad! 7 letters BLEEDER
Black and blue tubes in weapons 9 letters BLOWPIPES
Steal money off of popular singer 5 letters ROBIN
Passage I’ll read out loud 5 letters AISLE
Wise snips tidied up tree 9 letters SWISSPINE
Content being tipsy 5 letters HAPPY
Cleaner put off dope by tenor 9 letters DETERGENT
Giant ale I ordered for privates 9 letters GENITALIA
Topless relations briefly corner actor? 5 letters EXTRA
Uncompromising MP is up for it on bit of coke right? 9 letters HARDLINER
Former PM initially suppressed one article for Lubov Chernukhin? 7 letters RUSSIAN
Prince Andrew’s defence? Nothing to it! 7 letters NOSWEAT
Hot to tuck into tea or Bud 5 letters CHINA
A group joke duke is out of control 9 letters ABANDONED
One apt to troll milliner half-heartedly 5 letters HATER
Bum drink for your health! 9 letters BOTTOMSUP
Hero tries to break ideas man 9 letters THEORISER
Most odd gent going out with stars 9 letters STRANGEST
Old model daughter gets naked 7 letters EXPOSED
Muso bishop associates with Help! 7 letters BASSIST
Brazen Republican divides party 5 letters BRASH
Shame about English godliness 5 letters PIETY
Boring earl hugged by huge European 5 letters BEIGE


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