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The Independents Cryptic Crossword November 9 2022 Answers

The Independents Cryptic Crossword November 9 2022 Answers:

Shatteringly throw out legal team caught leaving treats when mingling 12 letters DEFENESTRATE
Copper for example ambles about with tea 9 letters BASEMETAL
House person in hospital department? 5 letters ABODE
Helped traveller nearly dozing wrapping back in corduroy 6 letters ASYLEE
Harry paused after short while to get computer accessory 8 letters MOUSEPAD
Clergyman and duke signal fire’s beginning to be put out 6 letters DEACON
Remove primates from behind rodent enclosure at last 8 letters SEPARATE
Showing a bit of backbone vulgar bet revoked after review 8 letters VERTEBRA
Mature Conservative plugs New York company 6 letters AGENCY
Killer and I battered Scotsman 8 letters ORCADIAN
Taiwanese film director right to overwrite final part of Carrie Fisher 6 letters ANGLER
Nothing worried Scott at first being heroic Antarctic explorer 5 letters OATES
50% of herbal tea includes iodine carbon sulphur and a lot of saltwater 9 letters BALTICSEA
Clean-cut boys jumping around on this? 12 letters BOUNCYCASTLE
Master fish fingers here? 7 letters DABHAND
Old-fashioned pigpen at capacity; lives lost 5 letters FUSTY
Mourn Queen without question born to be fitting leader 9 letters NUMBERONE
Short fight in underground home 4 letters SETT
My upstanding mate is in car accident 8 letters ROLLOVER
Rows reportedly can lead to these? 5 letters TEARS
Make accusation obvious supporting care of millions 8 letters COMPLAIN
Sell part of bike over the phone 6 letters PEDDLE
Horror in Boston perhaps after rota changed 8 letters ATROCITY
Again rent out land in South America 9 letters ARGENTINA
Food store funds Truss briefly 8 letters BREADBIN
Syphilis for example spread by repeated love over and over or is it magic? 6 letters VOODOO
Zounds! Man who was photographer returning in the distance 7 letters YARDAGE
Music event admits actor? Oddly not 5 letters DISCO
Record featuring unknown composer 5 letters LISZT
Beat female amateur 4 letters FLAY


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