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The Irish Independent Cryptic Answer List – 24-November-2022

The Irish Independent Cryptic – Solution List – 24-November-2022

1.Author writing about children’s cakes

2.Monarch is an awful person from another time

3.Love to go to the museum for eggs

4.Sure no coins can fool the expert

5.Stop for a b-breather

6.Has destroyed a tree

7.Animal found on a ship

8.See 11

9.Are going back in time

10.Broken nose I’d given to the inventor

11.Dreads discovering snakes

12.Took a scarf

13.Heavenly tiles Alec makes

14.Officer had lain next to the room

15.Wine turns up with ease

16.Arm a domineering woman

17.Awfully pleased to have passed

18.Artist leaving the party gives a reason to sue

19.Time for a Beatles record

20.I’m Peter Dell and I’m awfully irritable

21.Tale of a holy man or youth leader

22.Scope to changed the thicket

23.Henry returns with a mineral from a Pakistan city

24.Two men get extremely touchy with the King’s family

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