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The Sun Crossword Answers January 18, 2023


Old play I’m organising in place of games OLYMPIA
Exonerate cold Shakespearean monarch CLEAR
Nitre exploding in Bury INTER
Gold beats yttrium in stiff test AUTOPSY
Impact golden girl makes hard to predict HITORMISS
Money-box? TIN
Boxer’s foot? PAW
Posh females et cetera in pub that serves food BUFFETCAR
Watch ever so dodgy with second-class interior OBSERVE
Either way note clear doctrine TENET
I love wearing stupid expression IDIOM
Irritation of King George trapped by succession CHAGRIN
Ancient Greek plain OLYMPIA
Unambiguous CLEAR
Inhume INTER
Post-mortem AUTOPSY
Metal element TIN
Handle clumsily PAW
Restaurant carriage BUFFETCAR
Principle TENET
Colloquialism IDIOM
Discomfiture CHAGRIN


Refinement in European language POLISH
Unwanted mass in Mercy Street CYST
Joint description of Eve’s origin SPARERIB
Adult female in dress for hunting trip SAFARI
Church leaving whisky for highlander SCOT
Oppressive cops tied in knots DESPOTIC
Children’s writer Ray in swindle CRAYON
East Ender has joint in urban area TOWNSHIP
Ghastly plaster spread over carpet initially SPECTRAL
Fear ferret one father keeps PHOBIA
Nice language: it’s Nancy’s too! FRENCH
Seaman in position RATING
Average man? NORM
Burnish POLISH
Growth CYST
Cut of pork SPARERIB
African adventure SAFARI
Glaswegian, e.g. SCOT
Tyrannical DESPOTIC
Wax pencil CRAYON
Poor suburb TOWNSHIP
Like a ghost SPECTRAL
Irrational aversion PHOBIA
European tongue FRENCH
Ordinary sailor RATING
Italian capital ROME
Social standard NORM


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