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The Sun Crossword March 31, 2023


Ruler’s beautiful love announced PHARAOH
Welcome in Idaho Lavinia returned ALOHA
Last from execrable joke supply EQUIP
Figure in month before November? OCTAGON
365 days in the sun? SOLARYEAR
Alcoholic finally back to bed COT
Green climber back in Swanley Village IVY
Intermediary presumably no extremist MIDDLEMAN
Noble note rewritten after pub BARONET
Man with credentials retiring TIMID
Lab users concealing cruel treatment ABUSE
Royal insignia remade in Algeria REGALIA
Great Egyptian PHARAOH
Hawaiian greeting ALOHA
Fit out EQUIP
Eight-sided shape OCTAGON
Exact annual period SOLARYEAR
Baby’s bunk COT
Clinging vine IVY
Go-between MIDDLEMAN
Hereditary title BARONET
Violation ABUSE
Ceremonial clothes REGALIA


Media king in A1 social activity APRESSKI
Person hurt in hospital drama CASUALTY
Parking by river where tents pitched CAMP
Select church welcomes Soho drunk CHOOSE
Old examination of shepherds PASTORAL
Tune from bargees on gondola SONG
Home turf? LAWN
The rest must kick out a jogger REMINDER
Without mom Alice brewed tea CAMOMILE
Confusing note with others? TONEDEAF
Discourages revolutionary Red Set DETERS
Spoilt kid runs into vampire? BRAT
King removed in complete defeat ROUT
To Greeks at first a Roman habit TOGA
Alpine relaxation APRESSKI
Accident victim CASUALTY
Army outpost CAMP
Bucolic or rustic PASTORAL
Ballad SONG
Grass in garden LAWN
Fragrant plant CAMOMILE
Lacking musical ear TONEDEAF
Dissuades DETERS
Unruly child BRAT
Disorderly retreat ROUT
Ancient garment TOGA


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