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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,145 – Nov 15 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
After entertaining the French, not a peep SILENCE
Alan: chap with a century calendar ALMANAC
Ascetic ultimately leaves German city ESSEN
At this time, in this location, it’s not the place to be NOWHERE
Confusion, as gentlemen tan badly ENTANGLEMENT
Cook gutted hen later, in hold ENTHRAL
Ewan, initially in close proximity to Edward, mimicked a horse? NEIGHED
Extravagantly dine on things: this could just go on and on NOENDINSIGHT
Fashionable princess in a state? INDIANA
Founders of the original pyramid scheme? EGYPTIANS
Just a minaret, embodying something that keeps you going? STAMINA
Late to get in touch with these people? MEDIUMS
Looking for a get out? Harry’s your man! HOUDINI
Merge hospital department with Bordeaux, possibly ENTWINE
Mother’s lip on first half of bass instrument MARIMBA
Obese egrets holding other birds back GEESE
Old prison with freshly made entranceway NEWGATE
On the outside, with no kiss, forever ETERNALLY
On which one might rank the best skaters? SLIDINGSCALE
Pastry later baked in test of speed? TARTLET
Sailor with a solitary decorative shell ABALONE
Scrooge bound by promise, repents MISER
Sets fire to last of walnut or half of chestnut TORCHES
Stye, perhaps? That doesn’t look good EYESORE
Task gig’s crew to shift what officer might carry SWAGGERSTICK
Titles shown in Vietnamese NAMES
Unfortunately, lie: and I’d lose this source of energy DIESELOIL
Working — in the theatre? OPERATING


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