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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,150 – Nov 21 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Absurd broadcast covering the French goods that are hard-wearing DURABLES
Adult feeding toddler perfectly TOAT
Almost heading off too soon EARLY
Army officer — pass one beginning to limp COLONEL
Brief conversation after case in Tanzania, for example PORTMANTEAUWORD
Cowboy film character, in audition, shows jumping technique WESTERNROLL
Danger of pier collapsing by lake PERIL
Drama teacher’s diligence STAGECOACH
Elected at that place, Democrat owing money INTHERED
Emerge carrying dram left for philosopher ARISTOTLE
Fence built by mate in front of gazebo PALING
Fuss about daughter, much loved ADORED
Gamble about son being first BEST
Have feathers duck initially shed OWN
Large building, partly buried if ice-station? EDIFICE
Lead pipes originally over sink PRECEDE
MC met at Astors’ spread TOASTMASTER
Means to support a Liberal every time ALWAYS
Parched? Then swallow one drink DRYMARTINI
Poison: nasty scare involving half of Nice ARSENIC
Promise action ENGAGEMENT
Retiring outside with German forger? SMITHY
Shaw play? I’m not sure YOUNEVERCANTELL
Ship heeds information LINERNOTES
Small cabin, closed SHUT
Some squirrel monkeys in wood ELM
Want work on radio NEED
Wayward lady I see, about 50, is weak-willed EASILYLED

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