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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,308 – May 24 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
Blackadder’s servant cut belt BALDRIC
Bored with Derby perhaps, needing tip CHEESEDOFF
Criminal may have trouble, say, on a lake ILLEGAL
Expert in planning and setting targets first STRATEGIST
Freezing additional benefit? ICINGONTHECAKE
Furious, so each goes off pointless search WILDGOOSECHASE
I run, held by father’s braces PAIRS
In conclusion, ownership must be accredited ENTITLED
Just fish as it’s 90 degrees! RIGHTANGLE
Limit advantage EDGE
Nothing must interrupt register for morning caller ROOSTER
Pal ejecting right monster FIEND
Philosophy teachers sit awkwardly, lacking resistance AESTHETICS
Plant order for Scotland THISTLE
Remainder of men floundering in storm REMNANT
Risk pinching a sovereign IMPERIAL
Robust — and out of practice needing to change sides LUSTY
Seconds after eating, tidied up pots TAGINES
Seed corn doubtful — made cuts CENSORED
Short trousers can be long PANT
Stick around love boat CANOE
Takes no notice of Italian ladies sending leader to the south IGNORES
Taking back part of year against falls NIAGARA
Theatrical answer stifled by Conservative politician CAMP
Tools for identifying the hidden ATM letter codes after reconstruction METALDETECTORS
Understand the web — time the French deal with problem GRASPTHENETTLE
Visit locals seeing Paul oddly caught in fight PUBCRAWL
Wear article worn by cook FRAY


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