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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,332 – Jun 21 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
Adam’s garden is planted in March PARADISE
Alluring people work briefly north of Barnet? TEMPTRESSES
Characters in farm I’d offer place in the field MIDOFF
Charlie cuts additives put in food hampers ENCUMBERS
Cookware from Spooner’s inquisitive admirer FRYINGPAN
Cub leader is dishonest about working with leader of Scouts LIONESS
Delay punishment given to criminal TIMELAG
Gather case of Sancerre will rise in value ESTEEM
It’s hard to say to utter swine, out drinking gallons TONGUETWISTER
Jewish scholar’s underwear taken in robbery HEBRAIST
Made an error on record — this brings back discomfort SLIPPEDDISC
Maybe Andy Warhol stormed in unsteadily after job POSTMODERNIST
Nepali high in the mountains ALPINE
Open a place to drink in Paris? UNBAR
Quieten drug smuggler, going around very loudly MUFFLE
Ruffian wanting good doctor? One’s on hand THUMB
Shiny silver coat of ladylike American AGLEAM
Smarter bit of couture: it tantalises when twirling NATTIER
Split peas cooked with speed SEPARATE
Star after time with friends abroad makes waves TSUNAMIS
Starter of dates or try bananas — this can make fruit crumble DRYROT
Strange realities figure in the Bible ISRAELITE
Talent with hip-hop cover to give away GIFTWRAP
Tot getting hint in part of index, perhaps FINGERTIP
US university, without hesitation, showing excellence MERIT
Use thread to mend frame STITCHUP
You reportedly lead attack, getting reprimand UPBRAID


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