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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,333 – Jun 22 2023 Crossword

Absolute stateUTTER
Active serviceman seen in drinkAGILE
Charm of old lady’s bedMASCOT
Comedian could be second bestSCREAM
Disturbing one in Gents put outUPSETTING
Elderly adult getting extremely doddery, initiallyAGED
Empty pub before time, finallyBARE
It’s more trouble going toplessOTHER
Male hormone changing organ endANDROGEN
Miserable whistle-blower’s first gaggedWRETCHED
Notable drink with Queen’s jollySUPERSTAR
One slimming takes a medium size?DIAMETER
Piercing Spartacus firstly with spearSTRIDENT
Possibly pollen found in taller genusesALLERGEN
Principles including tenets principally for us?MORTALS
Protection for a boxer, perhapsKENNEL
Rake could make oddly neater edgeDEGENERATE
Relatives unusually being flexibleVERSATILE
Shocker, say, tackling sweetheart problemTEASER
Shrewd sovereign keeping right awayKNOWING
Situated within Japan, the only templePANTHEON
Sounded thick?PRONOUNCED
Thoughtless regarding young womanREMISS
Twister pulled a conTORNADO
Unexpected flood under the bridge?NOSEBLEED
What’s more following boob job?ERRAND
Wild artist’s opening held by catwalkRUNAWAY
Withdraw and be overdrawn in creditCOWER


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