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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,336 – Jun 26 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
Body of soldiers, tense, without means to ascend TROOP
Ceasefire, short, set up on base TRUCE
Comic circulating an unfounded rumour CANARD
Cooking method, first of three broadcast on radio TANDOORI
Course record therefore momentous, originally EPSOM
Day of celebration, perhaps, in flats I’ve renovated FESTIVAL
Dog’s breakfast in canteen MESS
Drink Italian provided after a rep returned APERITIF
Face endless people giving a torrent of abuse DIATRIBE
Failing to change sides DEFECT
Form of government that may make one go charily OLIGARCHY
Heavy food awkward to digest without it STODGE
Impressed by energy charge STAMPEDE
Inherited a northern castle? Oddly, that’s about right ANCESTRAL
Lose it, knowing of article supporting female name FLYOFFTHEHANDLE
Loud type of jazz music — name trio’s leader STRIDENT
Measure some chinchillas INCH
One may be used to exercise in Delhi gym, maybe INDIANCLUB
Papers produced by the French unemployed IDLE
Poet in dreary study DRYDEN
Put off by fellow cleaner DETERGENT
Rates unusual zircon, initially, as imitation ERSATZ
Record temperature, then take off TAPE
Reparation from that one mentioned ATONEMENT
Sorry tale about legal document excluding women CONTRITE
Sort of menu left next to a trolley in A&E ALACARTE
Speak, interrupting very different type of prophet SOOTHSAYER
Turn of phrase I love about Diane and Mike IDIOM
US prosecutor needs to disguise material DAMASK


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