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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,337 – Jun 27 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
A new promise to leave a reply ANSWER
Admit American avarice has no end AGREE
Check river in China MODERATE
Cuckoo nest he reveals has no adult yet NEVERTHELESS
Declare silver base is mediocre AVERAGE
Doctor with troubles losing 1,000 bandages DRESSES
Find the Parisian hugging old Tom? LOCATE
Flipping leaves covering spades making you anxious STRESSED
Footwear person hasn’t got on after fall SLIPPERS
Friendly hunk in conversation with female university student PEACEFUL
Get rid of page with egg on PURGE
Greedy prima donna’s upset AVID
Hospital worker is cutting sternums half off SISTER
In cage, a gerbil’s hungry EAGER
It could be breakfast time PORRIDGE
Judge’s former exercises in front of court EXPECT
Let Liberal rest LEASE
Pace bowler’s six balls producing easy win WALKOVER
Put up with a US president, baselessly ABIDE
Record from Hungarian piano virtuoso on the radio LIST
Reduce diet regularly and stop eating rubbish, primarily DECREASE
Reptile coiled oddly around most of boulder CROCODILE
Show ire wanting starter with meat REVEAL
Skills from sailor — one initially learning intricate knots ABILITIES
Somewhere in Germany, Italian turns a large key ESSENTIAL
Tense requests for jobs TASKS
Terrible fraud led astray DREADFUL
This could make you water lawn earliest, for a change ARTESIANWELL
What’s given to rascals for wrongdoings? Lines SENTENCES
Worked hard, John almost died TOILED


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