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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 3,035 – Mar 30 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
‘Such refreshment is 1 in church.’ Sounds like a complaint! WINE
, 24 Across & 23 Down Dick’s familiar words sadly name every last dreamy town, very neglected ELEMENTARY
1 describes this knee joint regularly NEON
1 entity that’s smooth IRON
1 substance has variable factor incorporated ZINC
2 claiming Intellectual Property Rights? Watch my mouth! LIPREAD
Apply lotion liberally? It’s boring OILWELL
Component of several items here, oddly shown in art forms ATOM
Cover holidaymakers arranged when leaving Rio, led astray YASHMAK
Dash to drop son in right place for dance HUSTLE
Delusive pianist beginning to compose promising notes FALLACIOUS
Entree given the setter to Ascot? MEATCOURSE
From that disturbed forefather, far away THEREOF
Golf, perhaps, with a hole in 1? Yes, it is! GOLD
Grave robber finally snapped by friend — carousing, without giving a damn about it PARLOUS
Half the force embellishing removal of elder’s crown? POLLARDING
Hurry! The setter’s attending court once Wally’s gone, getting sanction LEGITIMIZE
Information’s included in application. That’s a wrap! TINFOIL
Is his work against the grain? MILLER
It’s 1 of four intrinsic ‘roots’ Empedocles initially provided FIRE
Large waves in mid-June touching fringes of Argyll; that’s not normal UNSEASONAL
One self-employed totter in France floundering FREELANCER
Possibly G, F, or just P? PIANO
Post held inside newspaper cunningly, to hide rips EDITORSHIP
Problem with current King? He required so many twists and turns before succeeding! RUBIK
Raise flag to idol? Not quite there! NOCIGAR
Rip current at last switched in river TRENT
Section of large farm placed in trustee’s hands TRANCHE
See 1 Across WATSON
See 1 Across MYDEAR
She bowed beautifully and stood up reasonably content DUPRE
Shot material: ‘Take 1’, it may be labelled LEAD


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