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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 3,063 – May 18 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
Already arranged April work, requiring no outsiders PRIOR
Artist with picture in both hands LANDSEER
Barrier snaps, broken by large winged creatures DAMSELFLIES
Bore cut HACKED
Column’s put favourable slant on the French revolutionary SPINAL
Controlled address to knight heard before offensive SERVILE
Costumier’s opening fabric drawer CRAYON
Decent clean around small desk PRESENTABLE
Doctor runs late — they’re indifferent NEUTRALS
Drew back bolted clamps a short distance FLINCHED
Force is mile at sea outside Portugal IMPEL
Generous anagram pleasantly entertains AMPLE
Ground really staying dry in recent times LATTERLY
He lit some explosive with good techniques METHODOLOGIES
Headline about Prime Minister you’re primarily finding unmoving SEDENTARY
Hiding from abuse of human rights I’m not sure should be overlooked THRASHING
I compile using such a sheet to reflect ALIAS
Monkey for all to see in uppermost part on projection CAPUCHIN
Mortal left alien chamber diminished LETHAL
Move gingerly around old snare NOOSE
Pained expression after five testify VOUCH
Power correct cables aboard ship to produce energy SPRIGHTLINESS
Prompt search after losing case in Venice INSTIGATE
Rouse some men evil nemesis upset ENLIVEN
Sauce and juice over most of Malaysian dish PASSATA
Turn on plough, worried after it backfired TITILLATE
Verbal agreement that’s no longer up in the air CONCORDE
We must abandon one of our people becoming more cruel STERNER


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