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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 3,064 – May 19 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
& 15 ‘Attrition’ used to be something to label occupying a neutral ground NATURAL
& 17 Down After vocal exchanges, control table talk — taste dish CHICKEN
& 19 Composer and conductor are, in isolation, flawed ANTONIO
& 20 Down Tatty tie is cut off — perhaps that’s clear enough SUFFICE
Blue Plan current in Washington? DOWNDRAFT
Broadcasting studio’s last North Run overlooked by Capital ONAIR
Do envelopes damage repeatedly lifting binder CRAMPIRON
Do it in one on board Victory? IMITATE
Family doctor hurried outside with Pacific resident KINGPRAWN
Feature of family crop study: seed producer GENERODDENBERRY
I meant to tell you earlier about not joining in cool song PSALM
Incur need for a second confession that Araucaria may discharge RESIN
Inventor seen restoring DeLoreans maybe taking details of meeting point to excess CARACTACUSPOTTS
Medicine man, say, succeeding after mission ALAMO
More than one German guy attending WeightWatchers? DIETERS
Of limited size, presumably, shopping bags start to split INSMALL
Only e.g. great and blue permitted in this gradual process? TITRATION
Prince ‘Arry’s present, so ‘e says? AMEER
Rishi has little time for Questions, cutting part SAWEDGE
See 1 Down ALAKING
See 13 Across WASTAGE
See 17 Across SALIERI
See 8 Down ITTOSAY
So far off-course, put Null Island here? UPTONOW
Something to drive off bourgeois ruler TEESQUARE
Source of some refreshment one takes from Bow? TEALEAF
Take from arboretum a quickthorn shrub MAQUI
To accompany it: in large bowl, initially stick chopped parsley? SALADHERB
Told the lad wanting initiation, a good companion for young shoulders? OLDHEAD
What people used to say to greet poor winter forecast? ALLHAIL


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