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The Times Concise Crossword November 25 2022 Answers

The Times Concise Crossword November 25 2022 Answers:

Such as clouds or smoke 6 letters VAPOUR
Cut with an axe 4 letters CHOP
Made better 8 letters IMPROVED
Roasting rod 4 letters SPIT
Expected level 3 letters PAR
Common analgesic 9 letters IBUPROFEN
Root vegetable 6 letters TURNIP
With skin removed 6 letters PEELED
Disconnected 9 letters UNCOUPLED
Uppermost point 3 letters TOP
Imitate 4 letters COPY
Most enjoyable moment 8 letters HIGHSPOT
Press hard 4 letters PUSH
Profoundly 6 letters DEEPLY
Venomous snake 5 letters VIPER
Impressively large 10 letters PRODIGIOUS
Completely consumed 6 letters USEDUP
Optimistic; expectant 7 letters HOPEFUL
Climber’s spike 5 letters PITON
Clinging mollusc 6 letters LIMPET
Amity 10 letters FRIENDSHIP
Cooking instructions 7 letters RECIPES
Substitute 6 letters DEPUTY
Food fish 6 letters PLAICE
Remove a limit from 5 letters UNCAP
Slightly drunk 5 letters TIPSY

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