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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28442 November 8 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28442

Clues Answers
… dashed into Cooper’s Farm Feed Store? GRANARY
African doctor is able to accommodate gigantic bird MOROCCAN
After university we’d threaten her appallingly? That’s a bit sick! under the weather
Art work created by two characters in Thessaloniki PIETA
Chap carrying leftover food up for head nurse MATRON
Chapel keys regularly kept by woman attorney BETHESDA
Discharge sailor picked up by vehicle at hospital CATARRH
Erudite academic, old, and German PROFOUND
Extreme suffering of some collecting game AGONY
Furtive way with money? Not wife! STEALTHY
Gaseous element identified by academy teacher RADON
Go to seed, having originally served this old family member STAGNATE
Horse, possibly, nibbling root of willow tree ROWAN
Item left in car with sloping roof COUPLE
Make a fuss, getting it set in stone AGITATE
Clues Answers
Mature person shaving member of fighting force? OLDIE
Methodical male hospital attendant … ORDERLY
Nice time for casual workers! TEMPS
Not having worried, put in for global police force INTERPOL
Parliamentarian leader holding up circular ROUNDHEAD
Part of plant greeting Zulu in European capital RHIZOME
Piece of silicon Greek character found in farmer’s yield by motorway MICROCHIP
Polish member enters spiritualist meeting, missing start ELEGANCE
Reliability of management line about spare points TRUSTWORTHINESS
Right inside baptismal bowl, a large hanging drapery FRONTAL
Shearwater, say, found by domestic animal on lake PETREL
Substance producing rust in west, reportedly OXIDANT
Travel on river — seriously DEEPLY
Unpretentious character on the staff NATURAL
Writer for example visiting little sibling in film ESSAYIST


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