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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28454 November 22 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28454
Clues Answers
A very up-to-date record about people who ruled Egypt AMENHOTEP
A writer succeeded, welcoming all the Muses in range APENNINES
Actor I run into oddly after short glitch in play blithe spirit
At end of day, covering sign of tiredness YAWNING
Bush supporter left, decorated with medal? BRAMBLE
Carry straight on undressing house guest SEGUE
Consequence of complete change of attitude, giving up salt OUTTURN
Fine Irish lad, and what cannibal might make of him? a broth of a boy
Host exulted, exuding energy CROWD
If brave crashing such a gate? five-bar
In Nine Elms, say, boy drops round sum of money TOPONYM
In no end of bother, compiler is in a rage FUMES
Like Shelley’s Prometheus in loose-leaf form UNBOUND
Made use of, as graffiti-covered wall has been drawn on
Name Australopithecus, for example, one not quite a success nearly man
No revolutionary dresses in identical shirts TSARIST
Objects to alien ways of thinking mind-set
One poor port returned to have-not
Overhaul Descartes for one, reversing axiom RENEWAL
Part of Mexico coast ruined with a British incursion TABASCO
Policy changed to invest millions __ for such athletes? OLYMPIC
Prepared toast, free sample FORETASTE
Raced with vigour round back of course HARED
The ultimate church promotion, about removing one’s identity as it were? CANONISATION
These for clearing rubbish? Writer put back a lot bin-bags
This denies access always when initially entering the cloud PAYWALL
Vehicle’s trail almost going over hill TRACTOR
Writer honest about better books on race truman capote

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