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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28455 November 23 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28455
Clues Answers
Accountant having chat about women’s modelling area CATWALK
Aerospace facility’s court meeting originally taking a long time WOOMERA
Alternative headgear used by British union members, perhaps? BROTHERHOOD
Bad jokes about quiet European capital SKOPJE
Bird-tender keeping loose hen in grassy area SWANHERD
Bountiful police officer promises to pay COPIOUS
Crazy upset over young relative’s fruit-tree DAMSON
Enjoy film about yellow parrot LORIKEET
Evaluation of beasts of burden soldiers found in street ASSESSMENT
Ex-pupil’s girl endlessly digesting current form of rock OBSIDIAN
Flesh-eating mammal losing tail in colonnaded walk STOA
Garlic sausage originally sold in island west of Athens SALAMIS
Gigantic bird dislodging kittiwakes primarily from crag ROC
Golf club employee, one cutting into deal, perhaps WOODWORKER
Her dire plan shattered a womaniser PHILANDERER
Idyllic place where a painter captures Muslim judge ARCADIA
Left-winger picked up information on radio RED
Low state of mind daughter cast off MOO
Man may accommodate one, initially inviting obloquy ISLANDER
Masses of round containers outside back of house OCEANS
Misery of George III’s condition, after initial change SADNESS
Morning song of high class in an ill-chosen key? AUBADE
Outburst showing so much of the French spirit! TANTRUM
Prepare a town for a speaker? How he laughs! KOOKABURRA
Press employee with glasses covering one key taxonomic group SUBSPECIES
Short entertainment touring old part of London SOHO
Sincerity of fellow crossing a loch EARNESTNESS
Slavery deforms terribly SERFDOM
Source of inspiration moving priest before tedious task TERPSICHORE
State of equality a capital city is missing PAR
The god of war’s spoils? MARS
Throw out wine SACK

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