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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28637 June 23 2023 Crossword

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28637
Clues Answers
America __ scratch its skin to find this underworld activity? organised crime
Bodega finally provided source for tequila AGAVE
Bomb-makers here chopped sausage found in lavatories los alamos
Burn recusant’s head in scalding vapour STREAM
Cheerfully roam, dashing to trap one skein of geese? GALLIVANT
City set down nestles within volcanic hill COLOGNE
Climbing orchid poorly placed in front area VANILLA
Compare lighter alternative MATCH
Dinosaur disregarding rodent and duck shows muscle TRICEPS
Drug agent sends out missing tablet __ egotist on reflection? NARCISSUS
Easily tempted following deceptive sort back FRAIL
Eleven run Plantagenet stronghold RANGERS
Fanatic to survive bracing term at sea EXTREMIST
Fund-raiser boarding vehicle, one alongside a restaurant CAFETERIA
Initially able, drunken driver completed the course ARRIVED
Mountain woman in the first place needs sleep EVEREST
One between legs __ potential cause of tears? ONION
Owner of Trollope’s diamonds cut with ease perhaps? EUSTACE
Parisian pig swallowing a black stone CABOCHON
Plant found by neat border OXLIP
Poles touring States after servant in base makes bloomer black-eyed susan
Projecting well out of the box? TELEGENIC
Record one’s lines for occasion EPISODE
Retire to the country, on about Tacitus being corrupt RUSTICATE
Satisfactory beer should be served up for beast OKAPI
Scottish fine Liberal for affray BRAWL
Senora Peron to chatter idly about nothing and vanish EVAPORATE
Short film with old man, mathematician Blaise PASCAL
Skin, with current, always the first to go blue INDECENT
Time to manage rearing horse EPOCH


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