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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28639 June 26 2023 Crossword

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28639
Clues Answers
‘Thousand Island’ first class cocktail mai tai
Bank on introduction of Ezra Pound verse DOGGEREL
Barring outsiders, try second event: get to assemble again RECONVENE
Boring name, boring idol BANAL
British brothers who sang about high rise suburb beverly hills
Clergyman, not very upper-class, succeeded as a high-flyer ICARUS
Driver found stuck in middle of dam SERVO
Florida shed housing black echo of the past FLASHBACK
Food business needs elastic supply DELICATESSEN
Giant animal droppings make nitrogen beneath one IGUANODON
Having run out of nail polish, ordered Germanic cosmetic vanishing cream
Hector sent back to carry a plant YARROW
Hindu returning a Hong Kong carpet GURKHA
Indiana bangs violate the law INFRINGE
Intolerable midday temperature inside not on
Knocking back Castle Cary ale really restricts legs of runners relay race
Madame features in film The Cornwall Tourist? EMMET
Mineral deposit right in missile launch area? OCHRE
Move stealthily around rogue US spy base PUSSYFOOT
Musician Franz at last cuts record LISZT
One year, following winless season, American kid fails to finish course in Japan TERIYAKI
Penelope’s husband liberally used soy sauce at first ODYSSEUS
Provocative glimpse of the pub, by the sound of it! INCITING
Rhythmic jazz lead accepts honour in retirement BEBOP
Secured folio placed in prepared prepaid envelope made safe
Shakes round top, not being this? rock-solid
State vote breaking the laws regularly TEXAS
Talented Frenchman designing a de luxe mansard alexandre dumas


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