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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28641 June 28 2023 Crossword

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28641
Clues Answers
22 hell-bound rejects DISOWNS
A little heat coming through leather muffler THERM
A possible Castilian naval officer keeping fit, mostly PABLO
Area, so long closed, prepares for work A Farewell to Arms
At least a dozen answer, giving approval VISA
Bow Street’s obliged to suspend one for breaking in? MUSTANG
Busy art dealer finally flogged gem star ruby
Celebrate arrival of Sabbath, yet heed working at start of week wet the babys head
Climber to copy, getting head down PEA
Compounds ten days with a fateful one IODIDES
Concerned with wings on sea ALARMED
Decoration got by medic turning on splendid display POMPOM
Drug arrived concealed in hollow, with accompanying note MEDICAMENT
Finally give acclaim to a form of music EMO
Finishes off masterstroke, N English dish and N African one COUSCOUS
For a year restricted to college broadcast PROPAGATED
Harsh-sounding tribal chief? CLANKING
Instrument that’s not broken, but odd bits missing OBOE
Inviting mockery, perhaps, no good for Charlie’s evening out! IRONING
Irish girl learning to gatecrash parties DOLORES
Italian physician returned home — a very small delay GALVANI
Maybe marathon runner’s standard habitual reaction: a single short breath PARTICIPANT
Object when gallons going spare THIN
Part of church, one Cranmer reformed amen corner
Puts waterproof coat on — so Cleopatra survives a little longer? ASPHALTS
Scientists from south Australia first to break old records zoologists
Shabby upside-down top and old hat worn by a detective DILAPIDATED
Short track: primitive instinct to stop to perform it? SIDING
Some insects drop right into your cuppa DIPTERA
What sort of jerk would keep lawman on the case? SODA


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